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The Application Of Prototype Mold With Epoxy Resin

Rapid prototyping manufacturing (RP) is widely used in manufacturing production of blow molding products and hot molding products with prototype mold or short term used in the production of mold. Rapid prototyping manufacturing including:3D printing and stereolithography (SL), usually fused deposition modeling(FDM). Using shorter time required to lower cost due to this kind of mould technology development.A novel rapid prototyping material introduction, rapid prototype manufacturinggained wider application with the stronger, better heat resistance and higher machining precision,according to experts, the high performance of the stereolithography resins, such as DSMSomos Nano Tool, has accelerated the rapid die manufacturing, promotion in the thermoforming and blow molding area. 
Epoxy resin/ nano silica filledacrylate, the heat distortion temperature (HDT) of up to 260 DEG C, which provides lateral wall of excellent quality. It has a higher resolution.DSMSomos global technology services and Application compared to other rapid prototyping material and machining process. DevelopmentManager Brian Bauman said, PET bottle prototype mold made of Nano Toolcan produce 500-1,000 PET bottles.
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