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The future of China die casting production is going well

In recent years, China's economic development is still maintained the momentum of rapid development. Because of the contradiction between resources and the environment is increasingly intensified, according to the requirements of the scientific outlook on development, recycling economy and clean production has become an important national policy of sustainable development of social economy. The expert points out, die-casting category, including low pressure casting and extrusion casting under pressure of non-ferrous metal casting, the total output of about 1500000 tons.

Reportedly, the national automobile output reached 7280000 units, an increase of 27.6%, of which the car production of 3870000 vehicles, an increase of 39.7%. In 2012, the national cast total output 1024000 tons, of which: aluminum die casting 802140 tons, 13620 tons of magnesium die castings. 2012 1-10 months, the national car production of 3850100 vehicles, an increase of 23.4%; sales of 3600100 units, up 22%. Die casting market will continue to maintain rapid growth. Nonferrous metal resource casting can be advanced recycling and die less cutting process, especially for the recycling economy and clean production requirements, in line with national economic development policy. Automobile lightweight, accelerate the development of aluminum and magnesium die casting Market; the international non-ferrous metal die-casting production shifted to China has become an inevitable trend, die casting market has a huge development space.
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