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The future development direction of of the micro-mold industry


The current micro mold business is dispersed, small-scale, this is a major feature of China's mold industry. Dispersed foundation of mold companies is relatively weak, so it they are not god at against risks, research capacity, design capability,  it is clear that the road of going independent operators is not suitable for the micro mold companies in China.
Mold companies in China generally shows a large number of small-scale, decentralized operation. Decentralized management mode to the development of the entire mold industry has brought many problems: small scale, lack of funds, lack of improved production technology and equipment and mold research; decentralized management, fragmented, easily lead to redundant construction, resulting in the low-end mold companies the vicious competition; due to small scale, many companies still delay the passage of workshop-style management model is not conducive to the introduction and application of scientific organizational management.
The micro mold companies are aware of the above problems, in order to promote their own development, China's mold companies forward focus on the transformation of the mode of operating.The rise around the mold Industrial Park building is one of its performance. Centralized operations can co-ordinate the development of mold companies in making it joint together, not only to avoid the drawbacks of decentralized management of the mold industry, but also promote the formation of scale, to create a regional brand image.
However, China's micro mold companies from decentralized to centralized management is not easy, the process is very complicated, very complicated to be dealt with, Micro mold companies should draw some strength in following this path.
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