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Iron and steel industry profits approaching garbage price in April was only 0.43 yuan per ton


It is understood, in April the domestic iron and steel enterprises profit decline for fourth consecutive months, ton profit approximation "garbage price", but the iron and steel enterprises "reducing capacity" still has a long way to go.
Vice chairman of China Iron and Steel Association, Wang Xiaoqi said, in April this year the steel industry profits were 1300000000 yuan, 1000000000 yuan, 260000000 yuan and 150000000 yuan, showed a steep decline state. Excess capacity is the main cause of iron and steel industry in the future through a sluggish performance, enhance environmental access threshold and other measures, and strive to about 80% of capacity into the standard management.
Wang Xiaoqi is to make the above statement in tenth Shanghai derivatives market forum. He pointed out that, at present China Steel Association for composite steel price index at around 103, while in 1994 the index has just launched for 100 points. Over the same period of non-ferrous metal prices turned over several times, and steel prices have almost piaffe.
Steel prices are low, resulting in iron and steel industry from the 4 quarter of 2011, the six consecutive quarter of business losses, the most serious losses in the 3 quarter of last year reached 16500000000 yuan. The reason there is profit, rely mainly on the upstream of the mine and non - steel industry investment, but the main terminal inverted is obviously unreasonable.
Wang Xiaoqi analysis, serious excess capacity is the main iron and steel industry losses. This year, crude steel production in China in April reached 2.58 tons, an increase of 8.4%. Production of 20000000 tons, 10000000 tons of directly into the warehouse. "It should be said steel demand this year can also, but by rapid release of production capacity to eat."
In solving the problems of excess production capacity, improve the standard of environmental protection is the most important way. For those not environmental protection standard of steel, the future will take measures such as differential power prices, squeezing the living space. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the 
"iron and steel industry standard condition", "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" at the end to around 80% of capacity into the standard management. And, the standard in the future is likely to increase in 80%, based on verification by about 80%, and gradually resolve the excess capacity.
Talking about the trend of steel prices in the short term, Wang Xiaoqi said, since this year, steel prices will fall about 10%. At the same time, the main raw material coal prices fell more than 10% of steel, iron ore prices fell by about 3%.
The first 4 months of this year, accumulative total of large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises in China to achieve sales revenue 1196900000000 yuan, an increase of 0.76%; to achieve profits of 2695000000 yuan, an increase of 2.7 times; the sales profit rate is 0.23%, the lowest level in the industry; the loss of 39.53%, 2.32 percentage points year-on-year rise.
But the observation that, although the steel industry profit drops continuously, but the yield did not stop. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, 1 to April, the national pig iron, crude steel and steel products (including repetitive material) the cumulative production was 238880000 tons, 258150000 tons and 334260000 tons, year-on-year growth of 7%, 8.4% and 10.4%. Industry analysts think, according to the calculation of the data, in April domestic steel sales profit is only 0.43 yuan / ton.
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