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Designed plastic injection molds m15052801

Designed plastic injection molds m15052801


1. Mould Material: NAK80,S136,2316,2738,H13,5CrNiMo,718H,P20,40Cr,60#,45# etc.
2. Product Material:PP,PE,PC,PA,PS,PU,PVC,PMMA,ABS etc.
3. Cavity No.:Single or multi.
4. System Of Runner:Hot runner,Cold runner,Pin-point gate,Submarine gate, etc.
5. Ejector Type:Ejector pin,Air gate,Ejector plate,Hydro-cylinder,etc.
6. Term Of Mould Production:45 days - 60 days.
7. Guaranteed Number Of Cycles:300,000-3,000,000 closing.
8. Mould Design Software: Ug,Proe,Solidworks AotoCAD,Moldflow,ect.

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