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Plastic Injection Molding

Double color plastic injection molding p15062202

Double color plastic injection molding p15062202


1. Mold type: plastic injection mold, over molding, interchangeable mold, insert molding, compression mold, stamping, die casting mold, etc.
2. Design software:UG, ProE, Auto CAD, Solidworks, etc.
3. Main services: Prototypes, mold design, mold making, mold tesing. 
4. Low volume/ high volume plastic production.
5. Steel material: 718H,P20,NAK80,S316H,SKD61, etc.
6. Plastic production raw material: PP,Pa6,PLA,AS,ABS,PE,PC,POM,PVC, PET,PS,TPE/TPR etc.
7. Mold base: HASCO ,DME ,LKM,JLS standard.
8. Mold runner: cold runner, hot runner.
9. Mold hot runner: DME, HASCO, YUDO,etc.
10. Mold cold runner: point way, side way, follow way, direct gate way,etc.
11. Mold strandard parts: DME, HASCO, etc.
12. Mold life: >300,000 shots.
13. Mold hot treatment: quencher, nitridation, tempering,etc.
14. Mold cooling system: water cooling or beryllium bronze cooling, etc.
15. Mold surface: EDM, texture, high gloss polishing.
16. Hardness of the steel: 20-60 HRC.
17. Equipments: high speed CNC, standard CNC, EDM, Wire cutting, Grinder lathe, Milling machine, plastic injection machine.
18. Lead time: 25-30 days.
19. Month production: 50 sets/ month.
20. Mold packing: standard exporting wooden case.

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