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High precision plastic injection molding m15061503

High precision plastic injection molding m15061503


1. Mold design: according to customer requirements to design.
2. Mold making: plastic mold steel material,mold base,CNC machine,wire cut machine,EDM machine,grinder machine,assemble,fit mold.
3. Soft ware: CAD/ CAM/ CAE/ UG/ PROE/ CAD /CAXA, etc.
4. Process: CNC, High speed carve, E.D.M, Wire cut, Drill, Injection etc.
5. Cavity: single-cavity and multi cavity.
6. Use and manufacture: according to product precision to choice the different model: 80T,120T,250T,450T,800T injection machine.
7. Injection plastic type: pinpoint,tunnel,direct.
8. Mold life: 50,000-3000,000 times.
9. Mold steel: NAK55,NAK80, 2738, 2316, H13, 718,718H, S136,S136H, SKD61, P20,etc.
10. Gate: submarine gate, side/ edge gate, direct gate, self-cutting gate etc.

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