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High quality plastic injection molding for fan m15062902

High quality plastic injection molding for fan m15062902


1. OEM service: OEM & ODM service, we can provide design service if needed.
2. Quotation: including the moulds sizes, material for cores & cavities,freights for moulds & parts (if needed), part cost, moulds lifetime, delivery, etc.
3. Purchasing order: as per the customers' designs of parts, and suppliers accept the orders.
4. Confirmation: provide moulds drawings to customers for confirmation, after that, order moulds base & material, start production.
5. Component: high speed chip makes the reflection more quickly.
6. Sample shoot: provide the moulds test samples for confirmation, after that, mass production.
7. Delivery: deliver goods by air or by sea, as per the requirements of customers.
8. Package: wooden case for moulds, cartons for parts or your requirements.

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