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Household appliances plastic injection molding m15090704

Household appliances plastic injection molding m15090704


1. Part material:normal Plastic: PP,PE,EVA,PS.
2. Engineering plastic: PA,PA6,PA66,PC+ABS,PA46,PA+60%GF,PC,ABS,POM, PBT,TPU,TUR.
3. High enginering plastic: PEEK,PPS,PPO,PEI,PES,PLA,LCP,antistatic plastic,etc.            
4. Part Size: Micro Size: 3*3*3(mm),Medium size:400*300*250(MM)     
5. Part Surface: polishing /smooth,Texture/ frosted,Printing,Painting,Plating.     
6. Part Color:nature,white,black,red,yellow,blue,green, as per your requirment.
7. Appliance filed: electronic,industrial, household,medical device,petrochemical,auto,aerospace,home appliances, LED lamp parts,agriculture parts,etc.
8. Equipments:full automatic injection machines from 60T to 250T--10 sets,ultrasonic welder.
9. QC equipments: callipers,projector. 
10. Export Market: Mainly export to Europe,North America,Australia, also to Middle East,South America,Asia.
11. Our principle: take quality as the first consideration,with sincere service,low price,prompt delivery.
12. Delivery Time: 30 days,as per your qty and mold cavity. 
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