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Plastic Injection Molding

Reaction Injection Molding for auto parts p15011804

Reaction Injection Molding for auto parts p15011804



Prototyping Method

Prototyping Method



As per requirements

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Nylon, Glass-Filled Nylon, Flame Retardant Nylon and Durable Nylon

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Production-quality ABS, ABS-M30 Polycarbonate PC-ABS PC-ISOULTEM, & PPSF


Plastic (ABS, POM, PC, PP, PU, PMMA, Nylon , Prolab , ) ABS, PC, PE, PVC, PA, PMMA, POM, PP, Aluminum, Brass, Cooper, Stainless steel , etc.

Surfaces treatment

Depend on customer: Powder Coating, E-coat, Sand Blasting, Plating, Polish, Screen Printing

Practicable File Formats

Pro/engineer, Solidworks, Unigraphics, Auto CAD, (IGS, STP, STL and X-T)

Service range

1. CNC prototype manufacturing

2.Rapid prototype: SLS, SLA

3.Industrial design

4.Brass/Aluminum parts machining

5.Reverse engineering

6.Rapid silicone mould and vacuum casting


1. Electric appliance: Air conditioner, Television, DVD, Vacuum sweeper and so on;

2. Digital product: Computer, MP3, MP4, Mobile Phone, Digital Camera and so on;

3. Transportation: Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts, Instrument board, engine parts, GPS and so on;

4· Medical care : Dental implant; prosthetic; hearing aids; orthopedics(eg. bone titanium plate)

5. Toys: Car model, Motorcycle model and so on;

6· Hardware: Faucet, Head shower, bath equipment, Sanitary ware and so on.

7. Industrial design: Customer’s design is welcome to send, we will realize your design a idea product by our professional


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