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Mould Manufacturing

injection molding manufacturer with good service m15072602

injection molding manufacturer with good service m15072602


1. Name: plastic injection moulding.
2. Color: white,black or as per customer's requirement.
3. Material: ABS, PC, PP, PS, POM, PMMA, PE, AS, PPSN, PBT,PA66,PC/ABS.etc
4. Mould  base material: LKM,   FUTABA,   HASCO,  etc.or  as  per  customer' s  requirement.
5. Process: stamping,deep stamping,bending,punching,threading, welding, tapping, riveting.
6. Surface treatment: powder coating, polishing, chrome plating.
7. Equipments: NC, EDM, Argie Charmilles, Milling Machine, 3D CMM.
8. File format: solidworks,Pro/Engineer,Auto CAD,PDF,JPG.
9. Inspection: IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA.

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