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Plastic Injection Molding

plastic injection soup ladle molding p15030504

plastic injection soup ladle molding p15030504


1. Type of fitting: Mould for PP pipe fitting.

2. No. of cavities: single / multi cavity.

3. Steel for Mold base: Standardization DIN 1.1730.

4. Steel for Core, cavity: Werkstoff - DIN1.2738 with Nitraded treatment.

5. Mold components: HASCO/DME Standard spare parts.

6. Core pulling system: Hydraulic cylinder.

7. Mould life: 1,000,000 shots.

8. Runner type: Cold runner, tunnel gate.

9. Fitting standard: EN1451, DIN 19531.

10.Working mode: Automatic mode, Sprue separated from product during ejection.


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