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Mold date code inserts a15011204

Mold date code inserts a15011204


1.  Material:   Steel 

2.  Hardness: Per requirement

3.. Quality:  High precision, top quality  

4.  Brief Instruction:  

     (1).Date mark pin can take apart,according to different time to choose different type of inner pointer insert.

     (2).Double date stamps, allows two different indications on the plastic part without the need for two date codes, reducing cost and space required.
     (3).can save to periodically change the central insert during 7 consecutive years.
     (4). It can reduce costs and space required, In the standard version(12 months + 6 years).   
     (5).The lower the internal hardness, toughness especially good for high-temperature operating environment of the mold. 
     (6).According to special Inject condition,use this date stamp will avoid mold take off from positive, at the same time, no need to take apart the mold when you change the insert part.

5.  Install method:  

     (1). Use copper or other soft material to knock when install it.

     (2). Make sure the diameter and the depth of the hole is right.

     (3). The center hole can not exceed the range of the lid,to avoid sinking when ejecting.

     (4). Notice the characters direction,to make sure the plastic products beauteous.

     (5). Can per the bevel to process when find R face or bevel when install it.


6. Advantages:

     (1). It can be produced according to your drawings.

     (2). Close tolerance.

     (3). Replaceable date stamp.




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