Mould Parts

Mold date code inserts a15011204

Dating Insert Date Code for mould,perfect durability&anti-corrosion,top quality with competitive price.

1. Detail for mold date insert

(1) Material: SUS420 (48 to 52HRC)

(2) Tolerance: 0 to 0.01mm

(3)Standard sizes (diameter*length): 3*6mm, 4*6/8mm, 5*8mm, 6*8/10mm, 8*10mm, 10*10/12mm,12*12mm,16*14mm, 20*14mm, other sizes need to be customized.

(4) Type: month, day, year, month-year and day-month year, one piece date marked pin, changeable date marked pins, PET marked pins, combo marked pins, longer date marked pins, stage and shoulders date marked pins

2. Applications of mold date insert

(1) Punching Mold

(2) Automobile Die

(3) Suitable for different type of plastic bag making machine

(4) Can punching for 0.01mm single-layer material of plastic bag,paper, non-woven fabrics. PE, OPP, PO, PP, PVC, PPE, PPU, OPE film   

3. Tips for mold date insert

(1) Use copper or other soft material to knock when install it.

(2) Make sure the diameter and the depth of the hole is right

(3) The center hole can not exceed the range of the lid,to avoid sinking when ejecting.

(4) Notice the characters direction,to make sure the plastic proolucts beauteous.

(5) Can per the bevel to process when find R face or bevel when install it.

4.Types of mold date insert

Type: replaceable date stamp,three-lay combined date stamp,inserted renewable date seal,replaceable date stamp(OPITZ),split-type date stamp,recycling inserts,date stamp of screw die casting die,die casting die date stamp,traditional date stamp(mounth,day,year,month-year,date-month-year),etc.