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Hainan Is Expected To Produce 100% Degradable Plastics

By adding an environmentally friendly enzyme masterbatch in conventional polyethylene products, it can reach 100% plastic degradation effects in the natural environment. Hainan is expected to produce up to 100% of this global unique degradable plastic.
It is understood that when plastic decomposes chemical structure of its nature in the soil or the same. The use of the enzyme can help break the structural characteristics of polyethylene molecules, achieve genuine biodegradable. The Hainan plastics manufacturer intends to introduce biodegradable plastics technology, is in the traditional polyethylene products by adding environmental yeast tablets, so that the final products meet the specification biodegradable. At present, Hainan plastics manufacturers and technology providers conducting market research. According to the Provincial Association of Plastic person in charge, this is the world's only 100 % degradation of plastics, has been detected by the European Union. Currently, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Taiwan and other global 16 countries and regions have to use the technology. Once the technology cooperation agreement negotiated , Hainan Province, will also be expected to produce this 100% degradable plastic.
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