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The mold industry develop steadily

According to the China mould industry association management committee "national professional mold factory basic situation" statistics, in recent years the average rate of our country mould growth was more than 15% , double higher than the average value of domestic GDP . Among them, casting mold accounted about 5% of the total production of all kinds of mold, the annual growth rate is as high as 25%, the development of very active.

The rapid development of China's automobile, motorcycle industry for many years, they are ranking first in the world, due to the increase of complex, large-scale, precision casting mould needs, casting was getting a large development opportunity of the die and mould industry. Casting includs a wide range of applications, involving almost all industrial fields, including casting auto parts , they are at large quantity, variety, branded, strict quality and non-ferrous metal materials list, accounted for the largest share in the foundry industry. The next few years, China's mold production will still get a strong force mainly comes from the domestic auto industry, which will be more splendid achievements. Luo Baihui pointed out that, in the tide of economic globalization in the current international division of labor is being formed. Many foreign based on cost pressure, a lot of procurement in China casting parts, even the establishment of casting production base in china. On the other hand, China's foundry level and ability of making die has been greatly improved, the mold quality and international level gap narrowing. High quality and low price to foreign procurement increasing, mould overseas market huge demand to a great role in promoting the mold industry in our country.
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