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Chinese mold in foreign markets performed well

2013-07-16 cropsong 74
At present, China is gradually moving from mold-producing country into a mold manufacturing powerhouse. On the domestic market, the mold industry production and demand are booming, business investment enthusiasm are very high, a large technology projects and new projects continue to emerge. Accelerate the construction of industrial clusters by the government preferential policy support, there are more than 100 under construction or preparation or planning the construction large mold industrial area. In addition to cluster production, some places still develop molds and virtual manufacturing consortium, which also have similar clusters produced some of the advantages.
Chinese mold in foreign markets also performed equally well. Mold industry in the traditional market department forward and actively explore new markets, or even the edge market was neglected in the past has been developed. In the LED lighting and display, rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automotive lightweight, development of rail transportation and other fields driven, China's mold industry level obviously improved. These factors make the mould market development with remarkable results, according to statistics, China's mold has been exported to over 170 countries and regions, is a glorious victory.
In recent years, due to continuously improve the industrial developed country labor costs, forcing them to reduce the production cost and have to mold manufacturing to developing countries, especially have a good foundation technology developing countries such as China, the trend of the Multi-National Corporation to China to buy moulds is under development. Domestic mold industry is to take this as a breakthrough, efforts to promote the overall level of the industry to improve, to make it better.