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  • Mold Stack Mold Technology And Cutting-edge Technology Stack Hot Runner Mold Technology

    Stack mold technology is different from the ordinary injection mold technology, a die cutting-edge technology, that will be more than one pair of the mold cavity in the mold clamping direction overlapping arrangement.

    2016/01/05 181

  • Mold Technology And Market Expansion To Go From Full Integration Of Intelligent Boom (B)

    The "intelligent design" theory applied to the hot runner products. Its high-performance hot runner mold has not only excellent start-up performance, but also through the use of homogeneous melt distribution can ensure that each chamber has the same parts by weight. In addition, the energy consumed by the production process is low. Its designed to meet the industry's leading suppliers of various preform system.

    2015/12/25 152

  • Precision mould industry closely follow the pace of mobile Internet

    In today's society, intelligent equipment plays a more and more important role in people's daily life, people are also more and more dependence on the smart device. In all the smart devices, mobile intelligent hand held device is one of the fastest-growing. The development and application of electronic products such as mobile phone, tablet computer with a fast speed occupied the market, to the mobile terminal which is based on the marketing way also gradually popular.

    2015/12/16 148

  • Mold Technology And Market Expansion To Go From Full Integration Of Intelligent Boom (A)

    Mold transformation requires a lot of work, and in our mold labeling technology with great flexibility and design possibilities. Information labels can individually designed according to user needs, according to different functions to modify. After the label into a mold, using a special design to ensure that labels will not be damaged during the filling process.A requisite IML labels are material properties and material properties of injection molded parts must adapt. Automated mass production process, the label stored in a cassette, after the mold is opened by the insertion of a label manipulator, while the finished product removed from the mold in the same working cycle.

    2015/12/08 134

  • Plastic Injection Mould Industry To Replace The Equipment Makes The Contribution For The Environment

    In Chinese, the environmental protection, recycling waste plastic recycling processing industry, because of the long-termextensive disorderly operation, toxic and hazardous waste plastics, along with a large number of domestic waste, native hybrid processing recovery, it has brought a huge air pollution to the environment, such as visibility 200 meters in the eleven period range. Waste input,cleaning processing granulation, recycled products, from the initial thrown,to re used by people, waste plastics repeated again and again the samsara.

    2015/12/03 149

  • Estimate The Reliability Of The Bronzes From The Mould

    Ancient piece of fan casting bronze, good surface finish, clearly discernible decoration even, there is little holes on the surface, less copper liquid perfusion to the situation and the shrinkage hole. Pseudo device lost wax and foundry casting, often appear some sand holes on the surface, some even produce shrinkage defects. If you don't know these, likely assume trachoma and shrinkage are characteristics of the old cast.

    2015/11/24 131

  • What Should Be Made Before The Mould Assembly

    Injection molding is a process of assembly process planning document mold assembly process and method of operation, but also to guide the mold assembly work of the technical documents, assembly is based on the production plan and technical preparations. Therefore, before assembly workers must carefully read the assembly process planning, knowledge and understanding of the whole process to be assembled mold.

    2015/11/17 138

  • Detection Automotive Stamping Dies

    Flexible gauze grinding: with a clean gauze to cover the outer surface clean. Flexible sand net close to stamping surface longitudinally polish to the entire surface, any pitting, indentation will easily be found.

    2015/11/10 122

  • Effect Of Heat Treatment Mold During The Heating Process

    Anyone wishing produced molds can be used longer, save unnecessary expenses, while the application process can be Practice makes perfect, improve the quality of mold, extending the life of the heat treatment will be carried out, it will be in the process heating What impact?

    2015/11/05 125

  • Fastener Molds Need To Break Through Due Low Technical Content

    China fastener mold wants to occupy a place in the domestic high-end market, It need to strengthen the capability of independent innovation,pay attention to the cultivation of industry talent, strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes.

    2015/10/28 169

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