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Mold Stack Mold Technology And Cutting-edge Technology Stack Hot Runner Mold Technology

2016-01-05 181

Stack mold technology is different from the ordinary injection mold technology, a die cutting-edge technology, that will be more than one pair of the mold cavity in the mold clamping direction overlapping arrangement. This mold usually has multiple sub-surface, each of the parting line can be arranged with one or more cavities. Simply put, stack mold is equivalent to more deputy single mold stacked, injection molding installation on an injection molding machine. The stack mold structure consisting of a stack mold hot runner systems, special formwork system , bearing guide system, two-way ejection system, open multiple systems clamping linkage system components.

Stack mold technology has the following characteristics: 

1. The stack mold production efficiency over conventional single-layer one or a multiple mold, injection molding significantly reduce costs. From a structural point of view characteristics , Vice -cavity stack mold multiple combinations in a mold, injection molding equipment can take advantage of the general meet production. Mold filling, packing and cooling time and the same single die, which determines the productivity of stack molds will double or even more than ordinary single- die many times, greatly improving the yield of product per unit of time.

2. The stack mold can be installed on the same single mold injection molding machine, without investing in additional machinery and equipment, thus saving the cost of machinery, equipment, plant and the new labor force.

3. The stack mold manufacturing requirements substantially the same general mold. According to statistics, a double stack mold manufacturing cycle short of 5% to 10 % over the two deputy single mold manufacturing cycle.

The stack mold shape suitable for mass production of large flat products, small multi- wall- thin products, the greater the volume, the lower the product cost of production.