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Mold Technology And Market Expansion To Go From Full Integration Of Intelligent Boom (B)

2015-12-25 152

By introducing the concept of intelligent design in the PET mold design process, MHT in preform molding cycle times and improve quality we have made significant progress. High performance having excellent cooling performance of Stack (HP-Stack) mold has been developed. The mold design rather complex cooling system to ensure that the mold surface has a uniform temperature distribution. At the same time, while maintaining a uniform temperature, the same cycle is effectively guaranteed. Not affected by the temperature of each cycle.

The "intelligent design" theory applied to the hot runner products. Its high-performance hot runner mold has not only excellent start-up performance, but also through the use of homogeneous melt distribution can ensure that each chamber has the same parts by weight. In addition, the energy consumed by the production process is low. Its designed to meet the industry's leading suppliers of various preform system.

China, should not be underestimated mold city, many foreign manufacturers have talked about the market in China's current development situation, we were unanimously optimistic about the market.

Chinese enterprises to explore overseas markets at the same time , Chinese companies are growing mature mold, and into the international market.