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Mold Technology And Market Expansion To Go From Full Integration Of Intelligent Boom (A)

2015-12-08 135

Mold transformation requires a lot of work, and in our mold labeling technology with great flexibility and design possibilities. Information labels can individually designed according to user needs, according to different functions to modify. After the label into a mold, using a special design to ensure that labels will not be damaged during the filling process.A requisite IML labels are material properties and material properties of injection molded parts must adapt. Automated mass production process, the label stored in a cassette, after the mold is opened by the insertion of a label manipulator, while the finished product removed from the mold in the same working cycle.

In particular, the use of RFID tags may be non-contact manner by RF identification object. Within Ifw mold labeling technique also applies to RFID tags. On the K exhibition, Engel company in cooperation with Ifw, introduced the injection molding method does not hurt RFID chips, using this method can be molded pallets, transport containers, garbage containers, credit card, livestock ear tags and other RFID tags need to add product.

For degradation products of special hot runner system:the public are increasingly concerned about environmental protection. Since the landfill is nearly saturated, crude oil prices rising, so will launch resin and bio-based resin more and more new biodegradable . However, since biodegradable materials are particularly sensitive to temperature, it is easily degraded into a highly corrosive acid. Under normal conditions, these acids bioresins easy to precipitate to the walls of the injection system. So far, no other runner manufacturers and sells specially optimized for processing starch-based resins such as PLA and hot runner nozzle assembly other materials. DME disclose its latest green hot runner system Eco-Smart in this exhibition.

Runner binding GAIM:using gas-assisted molding technology of the new hot runner system is processing plastic Frisbee, its middle to form a hollow like a starfish -like pattern. Advantages of gas-assisted injection molding techniques, such as allowing more complex variety of product design, mold makers can take advantage of while gas-assisted technology to simplify mold structure, but its processing out of the thick part of the finished product may be hollow , thereby reducing plastic materials up to 40 %. At the same time, because this process reduces molding pressure, the same specifications as the device can process a larger size parts.

A dedicated system for polycarbonate processing:injection molded polycarbonate material, prone to surface debris, causing the product surface defects. " Diamond " series of hot runner systems, specially tailored to polycarbonate components, to achieve highly attractive and smooth product effect, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of mold products, particularly in the automotive accomplish much mold applications.

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