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  • Hot Runner Technology Ventilation Precautions

    Hot runner technology in the filling and flow simulation, as well as mould and hot runner manufacturing and production experts, plastics processing processor will develop a set of interior design solutions for campers skylights production. Injection moulding stiffness and thermal deformation is a list of the most important of which needs two features.

    2015/09/08 huqiong 92

  • Correctly Distinguish 718 And H13 Tool Steel And Die Steel

    Mould steel is used to make die , die forging mould , such as mould steel. Mould is the machinery , radio instrumentation , electrical, electronics and other industrial sectors in the manufacturing part of the main processing tools.

    2015/08/27 huqiong 129

  • Treatment For Iron Mould Defects

    By using stock glass pipe, glass plate as a building material, maximize cost savings. Glass pipe to ensure mould inner diameter precision by using a micrometer and calipers select the most to meet the requirements. Through the glass plate made of die outer diameter after its precise trimming polished, ensure the accuracy of the outer diameter of the mold. Steel surface of the glass in advance with the paper mill and polishing machine for grinding and polishing, to ensure of the bottom surface of the mould.

    2015/08/10 huqiong 119

  • How To Reduce Mould Defects In The Manufacturing Process (Point 4-7)

    Electrolytic grinding, improve mold manufacturing precision and surface quality . electrolytic grinding wheel scraping the oxide film: instead of grinding metal, thus small grinding force, grinding heat is small, does not produce grinding burrs, cracks, burns and other phenomena, the general surface roughness can be better than Ra0 .16μm; addition , wheel wear is set small, such as grinding carbide, silicon carbide wear large grinding wheel of about 400% to 600% by weight of the carbide off, electrolytic grinding, the grinding wheel wear only the amount of carbide material removal amount of 50% to 100 %. Reasonable choice of grinding parameters, the use of radial feed grinding method even smaller amount of fine grinding. As appropriate to reduce the radial feed rate and wheel speed , increasing the axial feed rate, so that the grinding wheel and the workpiece contact area is reduced , cooling conditions have been improved in order to effectively control the increase of surface temperatures.

    2015/07/07 huqiong 102

  • Five Cooling Methods Let Die Steels Getting Better

    In order to improve the mould steel hardness, we can upgrade by hardening heat treatment process. In order to better performance after handling tool steel, we need to be cool at the hardening process.

    2015/06/23 huqiong 97

  • Preparation Of Technical Documents And Design Calculation Instructions

    We try to do the preparatory work and long communications to ensure the feasibility of the preliminary design, and will not in the end a lot of changes because of production difficulties and pre-design, to minimize the cost of stamping process and ensure safety in production.

    2015/06/16 huqiong 105

  • The General Work Flow of Sanait Mould Co., Ltd

    The General Work Flow of Sanait Mould Co., Ltd

    2013/06/19 cropsong 100

  • Mold knowledge

    Some professional knowledge for plastic injection mould,mold.

    2013/06/19 cropsong 107

  • The German guests visited our company

    The German guests visited our company

    2013/06/19 cropsong 82

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