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Digital Mould Technology Applying In Automobile Mould

2015-07-27 huqiong 134
In recent years, the rapid development of digital mould technology, is an effective way to solve many problems in the automotive mould development. The so-called digital die technology is computer technology or computer-assisted technology (CAX) used in mould design and manufacturing process. Summarized and automobile mould enterprise computer-aided technology successes, digital car mould technology mainly includes the following aspects:
1. design for manufacturability (DFM), that is, considering manufacturability and analysis to ensure success in the design process.
2. The die-face design assistive technology, the development of intelligent profile design technology.
3. CAE aided analysis and simulation of metal forming, predict and resolve defects and forming problems that may arise.
4. 3D mould design to replace the traditional 2D design.
5. The mould manufacturing process using CAPP, CAM and CAT technology.
6. Technical guidance in the digital processing solutions tryout process and stamping production problems.
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