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Correctly Distinguish 718 And H13 Tool Steel And Die Steel

2015-08-27 huqiong 128
Mould steel is used to make die , die forging mould , such as mould steel. Mould is the machinery , radio instrumentation , electrical, electronics and other industrial sectors in the manufacturing part of the main processing tools.
718 die steel, commonly used in the manufacture of TV cabinet , washing machine, refrigerator shells , buckets and so on. For large-scale long-life plastic injection mould, such as home appliances , computer case , such as mold . High surface finish of plastic products mold blow mold because of high hardness , can be used in the plastic mold of the slider forming tool ; depending on production needs may be applied flame hardened or nitrided mold parts . Steel Type: Pre-hardened plastic mold steel Steel Features : polishing, pitting , welding resistance and good machinability Factory state: After hardening and tempering to HB290-330
Pure steel vacuum degassing refining process for polishing or etch processing plastic mold . Pre-hardened state supplied without heat treatment can be used directly in the mold , to shorten the construction period.
By forging rolling processing, compact structure , 100% ultrasonic testing , non-porous , needle defects .
H13 tool steel plate width ( 210-610 ) * Thickness ( 6-80 ) hot-rolled
H13 mould pipe diameter ( 6-219 ) * thickness ( 0.5 to 25 )
H13 ESR ingot mould ingot 0.35T0.5T0.75T1.0T
1.5T1.8T2.0T2.2T2.8T (3.0-8.0) T
( Delivery Status : Brinell hardness HBW10 / 3000 ( less than equal to 235 ))
Quenching: Preheat 790 degrees ± 15 degrees
1000 degrees ( salt bath ) or 1010 degrees ( oven controlled atmosphere ) ± 6 degrees heating
Air-cooled heat 5 ~ 15min
550° ± 6° tempering annealing , thermal processing ;
Remelting capacity steel , the steel has high hardenability and thermal cracking capacity , the steel contains a high content of carbon and vanadium , wear resistance, toughness is relatively weakened , has good heat resistance, in It has good strength and hardness at elevated temperatures , high wear resistance and toughness, excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to tempering stability.
Quality directly affects the quality of the mold pressure processing technology , precision production and production costs, and die by the quality of life in addition to rational design and precision , mainly affected by the mold material and heat treatment .
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