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Hot Runner Technology Ventilation Precautions

2015-09-08 huqiong 92
Hot runner technology in the filling and flow simulation, as well as mould and hot runner manufacturing and production experts, plastics processing processor will develop a set of interior design solutions for campers skylights production. Injection moulding stiffness and thermal deformation is a list of the most important of which needs two features.
A persistent problem facing the injection mould makers is whether they have the capacity to produce two-dimensional parts with dimensional accuracy and thermal deformation characteristics. Kiel,Germany Spur of MPK companies will handle such parts every day. MPK caravan industry to develop top hood programs , production and sales. In addition, MPK can also process all traditional materials into high -quality technical injection mold, such as PC, PA, PBT, POM, ABS and PP , etc., and for different markets, to produce reinforced and unreinforced mold.
In order to strategically deal with competition in its core business, MPK 's development engineers have not only focused on the modern timely manufacture, but also increasingly focused on the caravan to give the fans bring comfort and innovative products. According to "More air ! More light ! More comfortable ! " Principle , MPK recently developed a one-handed operation and can be opened to a 70 °top cover can be pulled up. Caravan user can selectively open the roof window is forced to ventilation or no ventilation .
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