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Fastener Molds Need To Break Through Due Low Technical Content

2015-10-28 141

In recent years, the mold industry has developed to a certain extent. Fastener molds has the development as one of the important parts.The fastener moulds is more strict along with the science and technology level.Fastener moulds need to break through due to low technical content.

There is a great development of China's mold industry, mold parts standardization, specialization and commercialization of improved. But in some high technology content, advanced structure, good quality,convenient replacing with personalized products or defective.Our country mold standardization started late, the product specification is less, the production scale is small, poor circulation, the lack of high-end products, foreign mold enterprises have to seize the market.

China fastener mold wants to occupy a place in the domestic high-end market, It need to strengthen the capability of independent innovation,pay attention to the cultivation of industry talent, strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes.

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