• Estimate The Reliability Of The Bronzes From The Mould

    Ancient piece of fan casting bronze, good surface finish, clearly discernible decoration even, there is little holes on the surface, less copper liquid perfusion to the situation and the shrinkage hole. Pseudo device lost wax and foundry casting, often appear some sand holes on the surface, some even produce shrinkage defects. If you don't know these, likely assume trachoma and shrinkage are characteristics of the old cast.

    2015/11/24 121

  • Preparation Of Technical Documents And Design Calculation Instructions

    We try to do the preparatory work and long communications to ensure the feasibility of the preliminary design, and will not in the end a lot of changes because of production difficulties and pre-design, to minimize the cost of stamping process and ensure safety in production.

    2015/06/16 huqiong 100

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