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Estimate The Reliability Of The Bronzes From The Mould

2015-11-24 130

The Zhou Dynasty bronze ware, the majority is used by Tao fanfa casting mould.It can only use lost wax casting method. People only pay attention to the shape of objects at that time, also don't know the principle and method of casting,discriminant bronze with Tao fanfa casting, to determinethe authenticity of bronze, is one of the most important method.

Observe whether with Tao fanfa castingbronze method,there is a fan of bronze alloy traces,there is a "line" like the the synthetic traces.The Tao fanfa casting foundry method and ancient generations pseudodevice is completely different, thus casting phenomena presented by the pseudo device is not the same.In the Zhou Dynasty, any piece of bronze vessels, which block van split trail can have certain specifications.With the progress of the times, and van method although will change, but any piece of fan casting bronze, want to split the place without a trace, even the most skilled master,will inevitably make a seamless heavenly robe.

Not many bronze ornamentation and some larger surface, plain, and vantraces of easy modification, but in the shade, such as tripod ears and lower abdomen,it will still leave traces. But forged with the wax method of bronze,the surface is fine. The lost wax method can cast various shape and specialdecorative objects, does not need to be processed. But the use of this method, early forged bronze is no fan of mark. The latter part of the lost wax technique in die paste wax tablets, the paste wax tablets do not match, theshow cast after the trace, even make people mistakenly believe that the fanline.

The Shang and Zhou bronzes as block van split, in fact can not keep the precise balance. Between the inner fan, fan if slightly unbalanced. It is easy to cause the bronze wall thickness unevenness, or the casting defects of great. As the emblem for the wall correction controller uniform and, the Zhou Dynasty craftsman generally adopted a similar piece of copper padthickness in the inner and outer fan between inside and outside, so a gap between the fan remain stable and uniform, improving casting quality. 

The alloy with the original device gasket components are not necessarily the same, oxidation coloring is not the same. Some gasket with the oldbronze pieces, some pieces still with a pattern. some spacer block is not obvious, or exposes only a small angle line. Fan gasket may not fully fused together in the cast copper solvates, as long as careful observation,can always find the. Gasket placed parts are often relatively regular, looking forshould be paid attention to when the relative position.

Early fake, do not know the bronze casting method, therefore no gasket.Some inscriptions gasket around lines clearly, also can appear the gasket, falsifiers in posing these inscriptions, the contour pads of monlchamus extension also has a copy of it, but that is the copy in the whole device and carved teeth out mark only, in kind and true gasket is not the same. Careful identification when can detect.

Tao fan fan soil, usually red, grey and white, but not black van soil. Foundry signs fan soil is generally black. Because in the foundry, the earthto the inclusion of suitable amount of graphite and organic compounds,these substances carbonized appear black. The vast majority of heritages and unearthed bronzes, many still kept van soil.

Some bronze feet, ear middle must also be sealed with inner fan, these inner fan in split and outer fan, there must be a point of contact. Such as legs inward side, it can be found contact points.The point of contact or performed by a small orifice or there is a small copper. Copper stick support is inserted between inner and outer fan. Early pseudodevice combined with some and device is the use of welding method, dofalse rust covered or the empty one chunk in the foot bottom, the outer and inner fan combined, then another piece of copper seal and camouflaged.

Ancient piece of fan casting bronze, good surface finish, clearly discernible decoration even, there is little holes on the surface, less copper liquid perfusion to the situation and the shrinkage hole. Pseudo device lost wax and foundry casting, often appear some sand holes on the surface, some even produce shrinkage defects. If you don't know these, likely assume trachoma and shrinkage are characteristics of the old cast.

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