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Mould Vacuum Heat Treatment

2015-05-11 huqiong 114
Vacuum heat treatment technology is developed a new type of heat treatment technology in recent years, it has the characteristics of what mold is urgently needed , such as to prevent oxidation and decarburization , vacuum degassing or outgassing, eliminating hydrogen embrittlement , thereby enhancing material ( parts ) of ductility, toughness and fatigue strength. Vacuum heating is slow , small parts inside and outside temperature difference and other factors , determine the vacuum heat treatment process caused by deformation of parts and small.
Successful development and application of computer simulation technology heat treatment process , making intelligent mold heat treatment possible. As the mold of small quantities ( even a single piece ) , multiple varieties of features , and high performance requirements for heat treatment and do not allow the characteristics of waste , but also makes intelligent mold heat treatment is a must. In foreign countries , such as USA, Japan, in vacuum high pressure gas quenching , development soon, the main target is mold .
Mould vacuum heat treatment in the main application of vacuum oil quenching , vacuum gas quenching and vacuum annealing . In order to maintain work ( such as molds ) excellent characteristics of vacuum heating , cooling agent and cooling process of selection and development is very important , mould quenching process is mainly oil-cooled and air-cooled . After the heat treatment for the machining of mold longer working face , using a vacuum as possible after quenching and tempering , particularly vacuum hardening of the workpiece ( mold ) , which can improve the surface quality associated with the mechanical properties , such as fatigue properties , surface brightness , corrosion resistance .