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Innovation and technology are the only way to improve the long-term survival of the mold

2015-05-18 huqiong 90
Although China mold products currently exist in certain international comparative advantage , but many years of sustained export growth has led to an increasingly intense trade friction . Coupled with the exchange rate rising to weaken their competitiveness , China mold products this year to further expand exports of difficulty are increasing . At present, China's mold industry is not only faced with the technological superiority of developed countries , is also facing the dual pressures of the same price advantage for developing countries. With the growing awareness of environmental protection , the major carbon emissions began to seek large enterprises with minimal resource consumption and waste emissions and to achieve the production requirements . Therefore , China's mold industry has begun to actively seek industrial transformation and upgrading of the road..
The mold companies want to stay in business long-term , we must carry out drastic reforms. The first is to improve the technology , only mastered the patented technology , which makes the companies have strong competitive advantages , to enter the high-end market , the creation of their own unique brand . The second change in sales model , not only relying on the traditional sales model , in e-commerce tide of erosion, it achieved all to see, more and more companies recognize mold , get orders through e-commerce is the big trend potential , and now, many companies have begun to test mold Hydropower Company , this is the trend , is the trend.
How to Take the transformation of the way , first lack of understanding of China's mold industry , now , in a highly competitive market environment , China's mold production and business trends emerged pyramid phenomenon. First, the metal mold industry leading lead is not strong. Second, the brand is lagging behind , the lack of visibility and core competitiveness. Some pre-existing problems continue to emerge , it is also more and more serious . Third, the market structure is too simple, too high export dependence.
Fourth, the metal mold industry technological innovation ability weak. Such as the emergence of low-cost mold , the product structure and technical content is not high grade , rough and other issues. Fifth, the lack of a common platform service .
At present, China's mold industry economy the main problem remains the lack of new demand and innovation capability is weak , I believe that as long as the technical issues have been resolved, innovation capacity increased , other problems will be solved.