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The Introducing of Stamping Process

2015-06-02 huqiong 81
Stamping process and mould design is carried out punch important technical preparations. Stamping process and mould design should be combined with the actual situation of the factory equipment, skills of workers. From the quality of parts, production efficiency, production costs, labor intensity, environmental protection and safety considering all aspects of production, the selection and design of advanced technology, economically rational, safe and reliable technology solutions and mold structure, so stamping production on the basis of the guarantee to meet the design drawings of the proposed technical requirements on the process to minimize costs and ensure safety in production stamping. 
First, the stamping parts stamping process analysis based on product plans, analyze the characteristics of stamping shape, size, accuracy, dimensions and mechanical properties of raw materials, combined with the available choice of stamping equipment specifications and mold manufacturing conditions, production volume and other factors, the analysis part of the stamping process . Good Stamping Process should ensure that material consumption , less number of steps, a small number of occupied devices, simple structure and high mold life , stable quality and simple operation.
Second, Make the process plan, the main process parameters calculated on the basis of the analysis of the stamping process, to identify process and mould design characteristics and difficulties, presenting possible solutions stamping process based on the actual situation, including the nature of the process , the number of steps , the order of steps and combinations and the like. Sometimes there may be multiple viable programs with a stamping process stamping parts , usually advantages and disadvantages of each option , should the product quality , production efficiency , equipment occupancy , mold manufacturing ease and low life , production costs, operating a comprehensive analysis of the degree of convenience and security aspects , compared to determine the best solutions adapted to existing production conditions. Furthermore , to understand the role and use part of the requirements for parts stamping process and die design is helpful. It refers to the process parameters are based on the development of technology program data , such as a variety of form factor ( drawing coefficient, bulging coefficient, etc. ) , to expand the size and punching power parts , forming ability.Calculation There are two cases, the first one is the process parameters can be calculated more accurately , such as parts nesting material utilization , blanking pressure center , the workpiece and area ; the second is only for approximate calculation process parameters , such as general bending or deep drawing force , blank expand the size of complex parts , etc., to determine the general parameters of such a process is carried out according to a rough calculation empirical formula or chart , some adjustment required by the test; sometimes no empirical formula can be applied , or because too complicated to calculate that in is not possible , such as rigidity or strength check complex mold parts , complex stamping parts forming force calculation , in which case the general rule of thumb can only be estimated.
Third, select the stamping device according to the characteristics of the force can be achieved in the stamping process nature and stamping equipment, consider the deformation force required to press working, the main factor in the size of the height and profile dimensions and the like deformation work and the mold is closed, with the factory now there are devices to reasonable conditions and tonnage of the selected device type . Commonly used stamping equipment Crank presses, hydraulic machine, in which the most widely used crank press . Blanking Stamping processes and more on the crank press machine, generally do not using hydraulic machines, and forming Stamping process can be carried out on crank press or hydraulic press.
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