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The Key Points Should Be Pay Attention During The Mould Design

2015-06-10 huqiong 86
Mould design including the choice of form and mould structure design, mold structure parameter calculation, mould drawing and so on.
1. The process plan mould structure according to the choice of form and design of the proposed, considering the shape of the characteristics of stamping, parts size, precision, production volume, mold processing conditions, easy operation and safety requirements and design of the mould structure selected form. 
2. Mould structure parameter calculation to determine the structure of the mould form, the need to calculate or check the mould structure on the relevant parameters, such as mould work portion (convex and concave mold, etc.) geometry, strength and stiffness of the mold parts, mould moving parts motion parameters, the installation size between the mould and the equipment, use and accounting elastic components.
3. Draw view of the mould and stamping process map is the ultimate expression of design results, a complete set of molds map should include complete information on the use of moulds. Drawing figure should be consistent with standards established by the State, taking into account the special requirements and habits of industry. Figure from the mold assembly diagram and parts diagram composed of non-standard parts.
Assembly drawing mainly reflects the entire mold assembly relations between the various parts. It should draw the corresponding description of the mould structure projection, mainly is a front view and a top view and the necessary cross-section, a cross-sectional view, and indicate the main structural dimensions, such as shut height, contour size and so on. Traditionally a plan view of the lower mould part projection obtained, while in the upper right drawing depicts a work piece drawing, layout diagram, bottom right lists mold parts list, specifying technical requirements. The mould parts drawing general assembly drawing mapping, we should have sufficient cross-sectional projection of each necessary cross-sectional view of the structure of the part to articulate. In addition, to mark the parts required for processing all structural dimensions, tolerances , surface roughness, heat treatment and other technical requirements.
For a complete production process, stamping process and die design are inextricably linked, both interrelated and influence each other.If the program has changed, we need to re-design calculations.
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