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Detection Automotive Stamping Dies

2015-11-10 108

1. Whetstone grinding: 

A), the first with a clean gauze to cover the outer surface clean, then polish oil stone (20 × 20 × 100mm or more), there is an arc of place and hard to reach areas with a relatively smaller Whetstone grinding( for example : 8 × 100mm semi-circular Whetstone ).

B), Whetstone size selection depends on surface conditions( such as roughness , zinc , etc.). Recommended for fine-grained stone. Whetstone polished direction substantially along the longitudinal direction, and a good fit surface stampings, some special place can also add horizontal sanding.

2. Touch test: with a clean gauze outer cover surface clean. Inspectors should wear gloves touch along the longitudinal stamping against the stamping surface of the touch, this test method depends on the experience of inspectors. If necessary, it can be ascertained Whetstone polished suspicious area and to verify, but this may well be an effective method of rapid test methods.

3. visual inspection: visual inspection is mainly used to detect abnormal appearance stamping and macroscopic defects.

4. The oil coated test: with a clean gauze outer cover surface clean. Then a clean brush evenly coated with oil to the entire outer surface of the stamping along the same direction. James finished the stamping of pieces on light oil under test, it is recommended to stamping vertical position in the body. This method can be easily found in tiny pits on the stampings, flat pond, ripples.

5. Gage detection: the stamping into the seizure, the seizure of operating instructions according to the requirements of the Nanpi stamping for testing.

6. Flexible gauze grinding: with a clean gauze to cover the outer surface clean. Flexible sand net close to stamping surface longitudinally polish to the entire surface, any pitting, indentation will easily be found.