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What Should Be Made Before The Mould Assembly

2015-11-17 138

To assembly mould to be carried out smoothly,save time and labor costs, it should take the following preparations before assembly.

First, be familiar with the assembly process specification: Injection molding is a process of assembly process planning document mold assembly process and method of operation, but also to guide the mold assembly work of the technical documents, assembly is based on the production plan and technical preparations. Therefore, before assembly workers must carefully read the assembly process planning, knowledge and understanding of the whole process to be assembled mold.

Second, a thorough understanding assembly diagrams: assembly drawing is the main basis for the mold assembly. In general, the structure of the mold assembly largely determines the order and method mold. Depth analysis assembly diagram, unit installation drawing and parts diagram, can understand the structural characteristics and working properties of the mold; understand the role of each part of the mold and the relationship between them, with the requirements and connections to determine reasonable assembly benchmarks, combined with the development of assembly process planning methods and assembly sequence.

Third, check the check parts: parts list according to the assembly diagram, count the number of parts are sufficient in quantity, then carefully clean the individual parts, and then double-check the main parts, such as the cavity shape and size tolerances to identify various parts of the complex gap surface, allowance, without deformation and cracks and other defects.

Fourth, the master mold inspection mold acceptance technical conditions and technical conditions and acceptance criteria are based on the quality of mold, the assembly process is based on the time. The technical requirements and quality standards promulgated by reference to technical conditions of acceptance is mainly technical agreement signed with customers and product plans, so that prior to assembly, workers must be fully aware of these technical conditions, so as to give full attention in the assembly, in order to assemble a qualified mold.

Fifth, to develop the assembly premises: mold assembly, the assembly needs to have a good site, the site must be clean, can not have any foreign presence, while used to assemble the necessary work, folders, and other necessary measuring assembly equipment ready and wipe clean, open a civilized production site.

Sixth, ready standard parts and related materials: each set of tooling has a lot of standard parts, such as screws, pins, nuts, springs, etc., though they number many, but a lot of size, in order to successfully assembled, and in the beginning of the assembly these standards must be to find a good one piece, easy to find time to prepare for the assembly, in addition, auxiliary materials required for the assembly, such as rubber, adhesives, etc., but also according to need to be ready.