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  • The modular design of the mold

    Shorten the design cycle and improve design quality is the key to shorten the development cycle of the entire mold. Modular design is the use of product components in the structure and function of similarity, and to achieve product standardization.

    2015/10/20 huqiong 104

  • Explain Cold-box Molding And Mold Making Use Of Details

    Cold-box mold with core shooters also called cold box shoot core machine, also known as cold- dryer. Mold does not require heating can be the product curing, so people call it cold-box mold. Mold is a way to cure by heating the sand core product, are now using electric heating method, previously useful for gas and other fire burned directly outside , because not control the temperature, the lower the success rate of the product, now rarely used this method.

    2015/10/13 huqiong 112

  • The Application Of Prototype Mold With Epoxy Resin

    Epoxy resin/ nano silica filledacrylate, the heat distortion temperature (HDT) of up to 260 DEG C, which provides lateral wall of excellent quality. It has a higher resolution.DSMSomos global technology services and Application compared to other rapid prototyping material and machining process. DevelopmentManager Brian Bauman said, PET bottle prototype mold made of Nano Toolcan produce 500-1,000 PET bottles.

    2015/10/07 huqiong 127

  • Hainan Is Expected To Produce 100% Degradable Plastics

    By adding an environmentally friendly enzyme masterbatch in conventional polyethylene products, it can reach 100% plastic degradation effects in the natural environment. Hainan is expected to produce up to 100% of this global unique degradable plastic.

    2015/09/22 huqiong 91

  • Benefits For Stack Hot Runner Mold

    Compared with the conventional single injection mold, hot runner molds can use laminated plastic melt evenly distributed among two separate sub-surface, so that the production of injection molding machine more than doubled.

    2015/09/15 huqiong 108

  • Three Points Must Be Pay Attention During Producing The Plastic Mould

    Plastic mould in the industrial production and processing are used more and more widespread. It is also increasingly play the role of the greater production requirements. Therefore, the plastic mold in the production process need to pay attention to in order to improve production efficiency.

    2015/09/01 huqiong 92

  • New Die - casting Mould Steel Can Improve Performance

    Most die-casting mould design complexity, high cost, so it requires quite a long mould life. The cost of materials and heat treatment in the production costs of the entire casting moulds accounts for only 10-15%, but the overall life of the mould has played a decisive impact.

    2015/08/18 huqiong 118

  • What Are The Consequences of Plastic Mould Improper Heat Treatment

    Above will not generate large thermal stress and more peace. If mould heating speed and diathermy fast, inside and outside the mold with great thermal stress. If the control is not good,it easily caused the deformation or crack. it is essential in preventing or slowing the rate of temperature increase preheating.

    2015/08/05 huqiong 85

  • Digital Mould Technology Applying In Automobile Mould

    In recent years, the rapid development of digital mould technology, is an effective way to solve many problems in the automotive mould development. The so-called digital die technology is computer technology or computer-assisted technology (CAX) used in mould design and manufacturing process.

    2015/07/27 huqiong 118

  • Taking Notice Of Design Aluminum And Aagnesium Alloy Castings Construction

    Since the melting point of aluminum and magnesium alloys low, you can use a variety of methods for producing cast aluminum and magnesium alloy castings. Therefore, in the design of their structures, the first of which should be considered in the foundry casting casting method in order to consider the appropriate structure manufacture ability.

    2015/07/21 huqiong 106