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  • How To Avoid The Casting Surface Impression

    Due to the casting surface of the mold cavity bump and push rod, inserts, blocks and other parts splicing activity left protruding and recessed marks. Alias: putter prints, inserts or activities splicing block prints.

    2015/07/14 huqiong 130

  • How To Reduce Mould Defects In The Manufacturing Process (Point 1-3)

    Some marks are always found on the mould, it is caused during the process of manufacturing the mould or technical flaws. It is very important to reduce the mould defects in the manufacturing process.

    2015/06/30 huqiong 113

  • The Key Points Should Be Pay Attention During The Mould Design

    For a complete production process, stamping process and die design are inextricably linked, both interrelated and influence each other.If the program has changed, we need to re-design calculations.

    2015/06/10 huqiong 81

  • The Introducing of Stamping Process

    Stamping process and mould design is carried out punch important technical preparations. Stamping process and mould design should be combined with the actual situation of the factory equipment, skills of workers. From the quality of parts, production efficiency, production costs, labor intensity, environmental protection and safety considering all aspects of production, the selection and design of advanced technology, economically rational, safe and reliable technology solutions and mold structure, so stamping production on the basis of the guarantee to meet the design drawings of the proposed technical requirements on the process to minimize costs and ensure safety in production stamping.

    2015/06/02 huqiong 78

  • 3D mold print in China

    3D mold printing technology without restrictions on product design, as long as we can design out, any structure and shape can be produced. Who have outstanding design capabilities, who create high profits. 3D mold printing can effectively promote the development of mould industry.

    2015/05/26 huqiong 77

  • Innovation and technology are the only way to improve the long-term survival of the mold

    Although China mold products currently exist in certain international comparative advantage , but many years of sustained export growth has led to an increasingly intense trade friction.

    2015/05/18 huqiong 87

  • Mould Vacuum Heat Treatment

    Vacuum heat treatment technology is developed a new type of heat treatment technology in recent years, it has the characteristics of what mold is urgently needed , such as to prevent oxidation and decarburization , vacuum degassing or outgassing, eliminating hydrogen embrittlement .

    2015/05/11 huqiong 104

  • Three Points Must Be Pay Attention During Producing The Plastic Mold

    Plastic mold in the industrial production and processing are used more and more widespread.It is also increasingly play the role of the greater production requirements. Therefore , the plastic mold in the production process need to pay attention to in order to improve production efficiency.

    2015/05/04 huqiong 88

  • High-end mold manufacturing industry will usher in a broader market space

    Mold development has gradually grown, and gradually come into the various sectors, as its downstream industries, becoming an indispensable part of the industry. With the continuous development of mold industry, its scope is also more widely, while its high output, high efficiency, high-driven features, the world attach great importance to the development.

    2013/07/16 cropsong 94

  • Chinese mold in foreign markets performed well

    At present, China is gradually moving from mold-producing country into a mold manufacturing powerhouse. On the domestic market, the mold industry production and demand are booming, business investment enthusiasm are very high, a large technology projects and new projects continue to emerge. Accelerate the construction of industrial clusters by the government preferential policy support

    2013/07/16 cropsong 74